A free, open-source WEBCOMIC TEMPLATE

Built in HTML and JavaScript

Latest Release: v1.5 (Older Releases)

Get an idea of what Rarebit can do.

If you're a webcomic artist who wants to be in complete control of their domain and how their comic is presented, but the idea of using Tumblr or WordPress with ComicPress sounds unappetizing, Rarebit is for you.

No extensions needed and barely any coding experience needed

Rarebit is an HTML Webcomic Template written in simple and extensively commented code that even an HTML/JS beginner can figure it out, but modular enough that an HTML/JS pro can make it special. Everything is done in HTML and vanilla JavaScript, you don't need Bootstrap or JQuery or anything. Just download the template and plug your comics in.


Some webcomics that use Rarebit!

(some comics may contain NSFW content)

Ruth & Dianne are Starting a Band The Artifice Flies Again! Random Events Midnight Glow Lily in the Rough Holly & Macy And Everyone Else Thomas & His Bucket Full of Something Just Girly Things All Trans Cover Band Brothers Dream of Fire Tue@2 My Roomie's an E-Girl Off The Table Noodledesk Caltonia The Priestwife Never Everett Kiwi Stories Photuri Electronics Big Hat Wizard Curses Gears and Puppeteer N6 Crocodile Rock Daybreaker Pragmatist We Wasted Our Weekend Bubble DX Tip The Ferrymen Worst Thing That Ever Happened My Little Cancer Buddy Flabergast Cold Obsidian Gifts of Wandering Ice Blood Klot

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Who did this?

Rarebit was made by geno7, though he owes a lot to Dannarchy for laying down what would become the skeleton of sections of the project. Check out our personal neocities pages if you feel so inclined.

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you can donate to geno7's ko-fi page here, or you can become a member of the Geno7 Fun Club! (patreon it's his patreon) it's much appreciated!